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Mr. Sarma is a succesful Lawyer practising at Gauhati High Court. He is permanently settled in Guwahati City.

His speciality is in Civil Cases but he is equally well versed and competent to handle Criminal Cases, Arbitration, etc.

He is also adept and competent in Writ Petitions, as well as matters in the DRT and CAT. Mr. Sarma is registered with Gauhati Court.

Mr. HiruMani Sarmah.

MR. H. Sarmah is a former treasurer and presently an active member of Lawyers’Association, Gauhati.

Besides being very proficient in civil cases, Mr. Sarmah is also involved in successfully taking up Criminal Cases within the jurisdiction of Guwahati High Court.

He is a permanent resident of Guwahati City and Registered with Guwahati High Court.

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